November 10-12th
Bashkortostan, Ufa,
Toratau Congress Hall
About the Forum
This project received the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Grant, oriented to save and develop the official languages and the languages of ethnicities of Bashkortostan.

The main part of the forum is going to be held in the Toratau Congress Hall. The Congress Hall is situated in a picturesque place along the Agidel River, and has a breathtaking view out of its windows. In summer, the amphitheater of the Congress Hall is hosting some music shows.

Furthermore, some other forum events will be held in other concert halls and clubs in the city: Ogni Ufi, Music Hall 27.
Project partner
The Forum's partner is the only professional award
in Russiain the field of ethnic music —
"Russian World Music Awards".
The Goals of the Forum
The Ethnic Music Forum Musafir is a supporting educational platform that was made to develop the art of ethnic music. It helps the development and popularization of the language culture of Bashkortostan ethnicities through the prism of its native melodies.

Ethnic music is always unique. The cultural code of an ethnicity can be heard and accepted via its songs and folk instruments. Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, will become the center of ethnic music at a national level for two days.
The Program of the Forum
  • Music conference
  • Master-classes
  • Educational workshops
  • Special program for beginner musicians

The Main Event
The showcase of the Forum is going to be a non-stop public concert from ethnic musicians of Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia for professional producers form Europe and Asia.

Here you can find the list of the speakers and the experts.

November 10th will be the National Orchestra of Folk Musical Instruments concert joined by musicians and bands that work in the ethnic music genre.

Here you can find the list of the speakers and the experts.
Manager, agent, co-founder of Global Club Music Network
Miriam Leah Brenner
(the Netherlands / the USA)
Theme of the lecture: How to create an international career: from preparing the material to choosing the territory to work on.
Curator and booking agent of "MORE ZVUKOV AGENCY"
Natasha Padabed
(The Nederlands)
Theme of the lecture: How we created MORE ZVUKOV AGENCY.
Director of JV-Promotion Agency
Juliana Volozh
Theme of the lecture: The world music market and how to get to it.
booking agent, founder of "Agency of actual music"
Yaroslav Sartakov
Theme of the lecture: Organization of the tours of the philharmonic scenes of Russia. Peculiarities and pitfalls.
General Director of the Republican Center for Folk Art
Artur Alibakov
(Russia, Ufa)
Theme of the lecture: VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada 2020 in Ufa
Composer, producer, label owner of "Aera Rec» and «Afarin Rec», director of «Cinemusic Studios»
Marat Faizullin (Taturas)
(Russia, Ufa)
Theme of the lecture: The differences and similarities between World - and Ethno-music in terms of music stores. Publishing music on digital platforms. Copyright protection on the Internet.
Сo-founder of «Krutushka» festival in Kazan
Alexander Batrakov
(Russia, Kazan)

Round table participant
Program Director of «Krutushka» festival in Kazan
Dina Bashkirova
(Russia, Kazan)

Round table participant
General Producer, Founder of «Yummy Music» label
Ilyas Gafarov
(Russia, Kazan)

Theme of the lecture: Tat Cult Fest: how local music becomes relevant
Music producer
Johannes Toyer
Theme of the lecture: The meeting of the World Music Network on the European radio.
Teodor Bastard music director
Denis Knyazev
Theme of the lecture: Peculiarities of tour organization using the example of Theodor Bastard band
Program manager of the Korean showcase Sori Festival
Jiyoung Han
Theme of the lecture: A journey to the Korean Sori Festival
Lead singer of Otava Yo
Alexey Belkin
Theme of the lecture: Reinventing the wheel for a folk band, the folk band Otava Yo success story on the international market
founder and the main expert at the consulting bureau InSimple
Alexey Nikolaev
Theme of the lecture: Modern sources of income for artists in the music market.
International Association For Regional Cooperation (Moscow)
Valery Tyulyagin
Theme of the lecture: The role of municipal and state structures in the organization of international ethno-musical festivities
Music journalist for fRoots, the Rough Guide. Multi-instrumentalist, leader of the British music band SANS
Andrew Cronshaw
(Great Britain)
Theme of the lecture: The view of a musician and music journalist from Europe
Two Siberians music producer
Kirill Modylevski
Theme of the lecture: Exporting Russian bands on a low paid market.
Wind Music International festival director
Yu Su-ying
Theme of the lecture: World music festival in Taiwan.
FINISTERRE, Festival La Zampogna
Erasmo Treglia
Theme of the lecture: History of World music
Journalist, radio host
Ton Maas
(the Netherlands)
Theme of the lecture: The case of the Amsterdam Arts Collective. Five local bands join forces in logistics and marketing and develop a "pop-up mini festival" they offer to venues and festivals as a package deal
Director of Le Kolatier festival
Luc Yatchokeu
Theme of the lecture: Africa is the new market for Russian music
Tomato Production agency director
Tino Grasselt
The theme of the lecture: Organization of tours in German-speaking countries.
General Producer of the Festival "Spirit of Eurasia"
Zhan Casteev
The theme of the lecture: Making a single market of the Central Asia
Forum participants
Showcase program
Tatyana Kalmikova and Zhivaya Zemlya
It's a multi-cultural project, that is reviving the Russian root culture and connecting it with completely different ethnic music traditions.
The winner of the Grand Prix of the Mir Sibiri festival, the winner of Russian World Music Awards 2017 for Best Authentic Project
Olena Uutay Podluzhnaya
"The Legend of Ethnic Music" owner at the international festival Sayan Ring as a member of the music band Ayarkhaan
Otava Yo
This band is one of the most recognizable Russian ethnic bands abroad; participated in the showcase program of Womex 2013.
Katya Yamschikova
A group of professional musicians performing Russian folk songs. The inspirer of the group is singer from Ufa Ekaterina Yamschikova
A quartet of multi-instrumentalists that is working in world music and folk music genres, plays traditional Bashkirian music and authored music.
A flagman of modern ethnic music in Bashkortostan. The winner of the Grand Prix in the Nomad Universe contest in Saudi Arabia, that included 100 bands
This band works in the world music genre. Representatives of the modern culture of Bashkortostan for the UN and UNESCO
Khoomei Beat
Best representatives of a new generation of Tuvan musicians. The musicians mixed Tuvan folk with the expression of rock, the effortless of jazz and pop music
A new direction of bashkort music aimed at high artistic quality, sensual performance and natural sound
Off-showcase program
For decades, the group has been collecting ancient tunes and tunes in different parts of Russia. It sought authenticity, kept the traditions of folk songs
HAUA is a combination of the nature sounds with deep electronic music, that gives the group a confident and modern sound at concerts and at recording sessions
The project includes folk motifs and original compositions on 15 musical instruments of the nations of the world. All of this sounds are combinated in modern arrangements
Ruzilä + Tämlekästär
The idea of the Tämlekästär project is to create a new alternative Bashkir music uniting old traditions with jazz, post-rock, indie and electronic music
Translated from the Chuvash "DIVA" - the life path to the Truth in love, unity and fidelity, in creation and mutual assistance, in prosperity and abundance
5 reasons to go to the ethnic Forum
and the showcase-festival "Musafir"
Invaluable networking
You are getting a unique chance to meet 20 world music experts from Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa and Russia, to ask your questions and establish close contacts
Unique knowledge
The two-day master classes aim to make you learn more about world music as a business. What are the characteristics of other countries' music markets? How to promote your group? This is a wealth of information!
Live music only
The best ethnic music groups from Russia and the winners of the Russian World Music Awards will perform live on November the 11th as part of the Showcase Festival. Our Forum will be opened by The National Orchestra of Folk Instruments on November the 10th
Convenient location
This is the first large music project which takes place in Ufa and gathers musicians from all over Russia. You do not have to spend money on flights, visas, hotels, a ticket to a similar Showcase festival somewhere in London
Priceless information absolutely for free
Again: it's all free! It is because The Forum of Ethnic Music is held on the Grant of the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Do you still have doubts to go or not?
Here you can fill in the application for participation.
The musicians and music bands of any genre and style are welcome to participate in the forum.
The Musafir Forum is open to everybody!
Organizers and partners
Here are the organizers
and official partners of the ethno-forum Musafir
Center for Drama and Directing
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Republican Center for Folk Art
Yakty-Kul Sanatorium
Russian World Music Awards
Bashkir Satellite Television
Radio Sputnik FM
Radio Yuldash
Bash.News news portal
Kurai TV
For announcements and forum news, follow on social networks. You can also ask us a question in the message

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